NoCrust Mould Destroyer
... against MOULD on all kind of surfaces for a period of up to 5 YEARS!
NoCrust Graffiti-Bye
... to remove simply all kind of GRAFFITIS on all kind of surfaces!
NoCrust Jewellery Cleaner
... the High End cleaner for all kind of JEWELS, PEACES of JEWELLERY and WATCHES for professional use!
NoCrust Super Cleaner
... the optimal Cleaner for CLEANING and DISINFECTION of all kind of AIR CONDITIONS in a professional way!

About us

With our company FreshyTec® International we have been supplying various industries and resellers in high-quality special chemicals in Germany and abroad for more than 5 years.
Our focus is on modern by NoCrust® "Green Chemicals" that meet the highest standards and yet are non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable and that make an important contribution to ecological sustainability through their complete biodegradability.
Our product portfolio includes extremely effective special cleaners, de-scalers, degreasers, stain removers, detergents, mordants up to other special chemicals optimized for use in their specific target application areas.